Commands/ Keybinds



/mer (/me but red)

/meall (global /me)

/e [emote]





/searchvehall [Vehicle Description]

/sm (or /scenemenu)

/radar (opens Radar Remote)

/carbine (unracks Carbine Rifle from vehicle)

/shotgun (unracks Shotgun from vehicle)

/lidar (takes Lidar gun from vehicle)

/rack (racks equipt weapon in vehicle)

/radioname [1A-## | J. Doe]

/radiolist (toggles radiolist)

/aatoggle (enables/ disable auto announcements)


On Foot

Alt = Interaction "Eye"

F1 = vMenu

M = Interaction Menu

F4 = RP Emote Menu

G = Tackle

B = Point

E = Interact Door Lock, CCTV Camera, etc.

X = Raise Hands

Z = Hand on Holster

Z + L Click = Quickdraw

Y = Open Radial Clothing Menu

J = Toggle Accessory (e.g. NVG)

N = Activate Night Vision

Ctrl X2 = Crouch

Shift + H (or Numpad. 7) = Radio

Weapon Handling

L = Change Firemode

R = Reload (and Reload Taser)

E = Drive Stun Taser

H = Taser Flashlight + Laser

Page UP = Reactivate Taser Left Cartridge

Page DOWN = Reactivate Taser Right Cartridge

G (whilst ADS) = Deploy Throwable

Numpad. 3 = MarkoMods Weapon Menu

Vehicle/ Radar

J = Speed Limiter Set

O = LVC Menu

Q = Activate Emergency Lights

(Q) Alt = Activate Siren

R = Change Siren Tone

Numpad. 9 = Lock Front Plate (ANPR)

Numpad. 6 = Lock Rear Plate (ANPR)

Numpad. 8 = Lock Front Speed (Radar)

Numpad. 5 = Lock Rear Speed (Radar)

L = Enable/ Disable Radar Key Lock

I = Toggle Lidar Display (ProLaser4)


E = Toggle Camera

G = Toggle Spotlight

L Alt (+ Scroll) = Adjust Spotlight Brightness

L Ctrl (+ Scroll) = Adjust Spotlight Radius

Middle Mouse = Add/ Remove Markers

R Click = Cycle Vision

Space = Attempt Lock

X = Rappel from Helicopter

Custom Keybinds (Recommended)

The Majority of Keybinds are customisable via GTA 5 Settings > Keybinds > FiveM.
Here are some recommended custom keybinds.

F3 = Scenemenu

\ = Prone