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'Member' is a role of extra trust, with additional permissions and asset rewards, such as vehicles and weapons, to members of the community who wish to extend their RP capability.

Extra Permissions Include but are not limited to:

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Approved Company Application

Gruppe Sechs Security

Owner/Manager: @ReadSmith9 

Type: Security

The Gruppe Sechs private security company works with her partners to secure property all over San Andreas. Employed by both private civilians, commercial companies and the US Government we are the highest rated and most trusted private security company in San Andreas. We offer security solutions for property, persons, convoys and railroads.

Are you interested in the private security sector? 

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San Andreas Department of Transportation

Owner/Manager: @Kevin

Type: Public Works and Traffic

The San Andreas Department of Transportation (SADOT) manages the infrastructure of San Andreas, from dirt roads to highways and railroads. SADOT does a variety of tasks, these tasks include: towing, traffic control, road works, highway incident response, roadside assistance and oversized vehicle convoys. SADOT is always seeking qualified individuals to help with a wide variety of duties. Our goal is to promote a positive work environment and encourage innovation and creativity.

Are you interested in joining the SADOT team?

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