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Management is the body that overseas all Operations within the Community, including but not limited to: civilians, development, departments and more. It is comprised of the followings individuals and positions.


Rank Holder: Green & Vexotic

Rank Responsibility: Oversees all sections within the community: Development, Staff Team, Departments, Media/ Events Team. Organises logistics regarding communication between each section of the community and ensuring all work towards a common goal ("directs"), sort of like a "Manager". 

Staff Manager

Rank Holder: Tuso

Rank Responsibility: Oversees all those who fall within the Staff Ranks. Ensures Staff Team are carrying out all their responsibilities (e.g. Membership applications) and oversees the implementation of Approved Companies alongside the Development Team if required (Merged previous "Head Administrator" rank with Staff Manager).

Lead Developer

Rank Holder: [VACANT]

Rank Responsibility: Oversees all those who fall within the Development Team. Responsible all critical aspects of the server and is the final authority on what is pushed onto the main server. Authority to make updates and changes where they see fit so long as it remains on the agreed upon direction of the Server (frequently discussed in meetings). 

Department Heads

Rank Holder: Vexotic, [VACANT], [VACANT]

Rank Responsibility: Oversees all operations within their respective Departments autonomously with the Founder's input as specified above in the founder section. Lead Developer may often be in communication with these individuals regarding gameplay features that effect their operations. 


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Fall under the Lead Developer


Responsible for continuous updates in server files and scripts. 

Developer Ranks:


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Fall under the Staff Manager


Responsible for staffing community ensuring all members follow posted rules. Also manage incoming Membership Applications.

Staff Ranks: