Joined: 4th February 2020

Joined Staff: 23rd February 2023

Law Enforcement

I originally joined the DOSARP Law Enforcement team in early February of 2020 and since then have climbed the ranks to my current position of Sergeant. Along my journey I have also joined the Special Weapons and Tactics team to the position of Supervisor.Also , I am a Senior Field Training Officer within the Training Bureau and offer my services with training and assisting new officers as they join the department. Finally , I recently joined the Air Support Unit division as an Air Support Officer , patrolling the skies of San Andreas within the department helicopters.

Staff Team

My DOSARP journey began at the very beginning of 2020. I was new to FiveM and the first server I stumbled across was DOSARP and since then I have committed my time into the server and joined the staff team , working alongside other members of the team to enforce the servers rules and make the server an all-round better place. I have previously been apart of the staff team but left due to personal reasons but decided to rejoin on the 23rd of February 2023 and have since gained the rank of Moderator and plan to stay for the future of the community. 


In the community I am commonly known as Katel , I like to describe myself as a content and easy going person who is easy to get along with. I have been in the server for 3 years and have established many connections within all areas of the server. I am always open if anyone needs any assistance or guidance so feel free to contact me in game or in discord @caloway74.